Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Bucket List for the Summer

Even though I'm a full-time, off-farm working momma that still has to go to work 5 days a week despite the fact that the kids are on summer break , I've tried to craft a pretty good bucket list for our summer.  This will be our last summer for many years that no one at this pigpen is in 4-H.  Big Sissy will be a first year 4-H member next year and in Indiana you can be a 4-H member for 10 years.  So needless to say our summers are going to get real busy after this year.

So that being said, I'm trying to squeeze in as much as my work schedule will allow as summer is about spending time with the family and letting the kids truly be kids.

Swimming lessons, vacation bible school, 4th of July with my family, the county fair, the State Fair, and soccer camp have been on our list the last couple years; although, this will be the first year Bubby can attend soccer camp.  (It is just a one week program for 1 1/2 hours each night about 5 minutes from our house.)

This year we also have a pretty exciting family vacation planned; however, The Farmer and I have only told the kids that we are going on vacation.  They don't know where or when, but let me just say we may or may not be visiting a mouse and his friends.

So, I'm pretty pumped about this year's bucket list which is why I was excited we started working on one of our items today.  Another one of our annual summer bucket list items is our county library's summer reading program.  Growing up I loved the summer reading program and I have tried to instill this love of the library and in particular the summer reading program with Big Sissy, Bubby, and Little Sissy.

Today we made the first of many trips this summer, I hope, to the library to officially sign up for the summer reading program and enjoy the library.

Big Sissy hit the computers.

Bubby loves looking for books and movies about farming, building, and trains.

Little Sissy lined up the dinosaurs.

So here's to reading this summer and enjoying our summer bucket list.

What's on your summer bucket list?


  1. The summer reading program is a tradition for our family, too. My mom took my sisters and brother and me to the library weekly. I continued the tradition with my kids. And enjoy that special vacation! Our kids were a little older when we went, but it was truly a "magical" experience!

  2. You guys are going to have a great summer! And WOW a trip to see the mouse, your kids are at awesome ages for that!
    Right now we haven't even considered it is summer, until all the crop is in - really going to throw getting everything done for 4-H back a couple of weeks!

  3. Awe that is so cool that you are leaving your vacation as a surprise. I am sure the kids will have a blast. Entering 4-H is also very exciting. I know I couldn't wait to get started when I was little.

  4. We have such a great library in our county! I too, loved our local summer reading program growing up. My summer bucket list sounds very similar to yours! County fair, State fair and a summer vacation planned! I think you should video your kids when you tell them where your going! How fun! :)

  5. Oh the excitement of that summer vacation to see a mouse and friends! I carve out set vacation times for the summer. Long weekends with family, possibly a Minnesota Twins baseball game, camping and plenty of time just playing on the farm, in the yard and attending oodles and oodles of baseball games of our son's. Enjoy every moment of your bucket list!

  6. We have some swimming lessons and volleyball camp on our list too. Chores and allowance seem to be a big topic, and there are a few mini trips in our future, with some time also down at Raccoon Lake. Vacation Bible school starts Monday, and I haven't learned all the songs and "motions/moves" I'm supposed to know to teach to the young 'ins. Guess I know what I will be doing this weekend, along with graduation parties and "stuff" around here. The county fair will keep us hopping since Steve and I are both on the board, and the girls have mini 4-H projects to work on. DANG! I'm pooped just talking about it all! ;-)


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