Monday, June 27, 2011

If you give a girl a bucket...

If you give a girl a bucket like Red Hill General Store gave this girl, you never know what she might use it for around the home and garden...

At first we used it as a lunch pail to have a picnic in the car on a slightly rainy day in between Vacation Bible School and swimming lessons.

(I don't know if you can see those gogurts in the bucket or not (they are the blue tubes sticking out on the top left hand corner), but those are an amazing lunch treat at this pigpen.  They are specifically designed to be frozen overnight, put in the lunchbox or lunch bucket in the morning, and completely defrosted by lunch time. Big Sissy requests them all the time during the school year and they are a great source of calcium and Vitamin D.)

Then, we used it as a trash can after our picnic in the car. (To keep our trash contained in the bucket, I had everyone put all of their trash, if possible, into their sandwich bag before putting it in my bucket.  As an FYI, we are able to recycle the Kool-Aid drink pouches through Big Sissy and Bubby's school.)

Later we used it as a vase for these beautiful yellow spider mums, but be careful, this particular mum tends to shed.

Big Sissy thought it would make the perfect place to put all of the kids' drinks for our Father's Day family cookout.

And she was right.

(Having kid-friendly, mom-approved drinks accessible to the kids at a height they could reach was highly popular with both the kids, moms and dads at our family party.)

And Little Sissy thought it was fun to carry around the house and play peek-a-boo with it.

It also made a great place to store all of Little Sissy's necessities like lotion, hair bows, and her hair brush... what more could a 2 year old need.

(I do have to tell you the most popular item in Little Sissy's bucket is her diaper rash ointment.  Thanks to a tip from a great friend, we started using Resinol this winter for diaper rash and it is absolutely amazing.  It is a non-prescription product, but you have to ask the pharmacist for it.  I really can't believe I've potty-trained 2 children and was almost ready to start working on potty-training a third child before I knew about this product.)

To Bubby, it was his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Unfortunately, the money wasn't real, but to a 5 year old you can have a lot of fun with play money and a pot or bucket of gold.  

That being said, you, my lucky readers, have the chance to win one of Red Hill General Store's buckets.  You see my good friends over at The Real Farmwives of America and Friends are giving away a galvanized embossed tub to one lucky reader thanks to Red Hill General Store.  So be sure to check it out and enter the contest.

While Red Hill General Store did provide me with a bucket to blog about for this post (thanks Red Hill General Store), the pictures, ideas and opinions shared here are my own.


  1. lots of great uses for the bucket! the picnic in the car idea is great!

  2. Told you that you would love the Resinol!!!

  3. So glad you found so many uses for and enjoyed your bucket! Loved reading your blog.

  4. Love all these ideas. Thanks for the tip on diaper rash ointment and our girls love gogurt too!

  5. I liked the money bucket idea of Bubby's. Now if we could just find a way to grow it.

  6. haha a bucket of gold at the end of a rainbow is always good! Esspecially good because you can buy more little buckets then from Red Hill!


  7. I could use it to take farmer his lunch. I just use a strawberry box.


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