Friday, June 10, 2011

Farmer Fridays - What a difference


What a difference just a few weeks have made on our family farm.  As you know from past Farmer Fridays' posts, planting season of 2011 has been proceeding at a less than desirable rate due to the extremely wet weather Mother Nature has sent our way for most of April and May.

Well that changed a lot over the last two weeks and we have been able to spend the majority of the 14 days in the field.  In fact last Saturday, we finished planting corn including areas that had to be re-planted due to being drowned out by too much rain after being planted.  On Sunday, we started planting soybeans and finished yesterday morning. 

Needless to say The Farmer and his dad have been working almost 'round the clock; however, it is always worth it when we can say we are done planting.  So I'm quite positive everyone released a huge sigh of relief yesterday at this family farm.

Now just because the planting is done, doesn't mean the work is done.  We are now working diligently to get all of our corn sprayed.  If you remember from last year, we have to spray our corn to kill the weeds that compete for essential nutrients with the corn.  And then after all of the spraying is done, it is time to apply anhydrous ammonia (nitrogen) to the corn to essentially help it grow or "get bigger" as Big Sissy used to say. 

So although there is still plenty of field work to be done in a timely manner, it sure is excited to know all of our corn and soybeans are planting.  Now if we can just get Mother Nature to bring back some rain periodically and gently over the course of the summer so our crops will grow, everything would be perfect... or close to it.


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  1. Gentle is the key word. I have become OCD with radars! Watching the storm in Illinois work its way across that state toward our. Looks like it is weakening a bit, and it will be here by midnight. Steve is out spraying corn. Funny thing. He was calling neighbors to see if they were Round Up Ready or not, and one called back, answered the question, and then he asked Steve what we were. Funny thing is, he had ALREADY sprayed his corn. Some people......sigh!

    Congrats on getting done. Now you can change your prayers from no rain to gentle rains! And the beat goes on......


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