Thursday, August 30, 2012

1 important life lesson

Things we teach our kids...

It is a huge responsibility to be a parent and one I think you are never prepared for no matter how much you try to prepare.  It is a also a huge joy to watch your children grow and experience life; even if, it is very bittersweet.  Now when I can not only have fun with my kids, but also teach them an important life lesson, it is a win-win for all of us. 

Giving back to the community was a lesson I learned early on in life thanks to my family and one that The Farmer and I have tried to instill in our children from an early age.  Yesterday, the kids and I along with my mother-in-law had some fun while giving back to our community. 

For the last few years, several times throughout the year, we have tried to make a 100 pound donation of pork to our local food pantry. (We actually buy it from the grocery store when we see that they are having a great sale.  This time we were able to buy pork chops for $1.28/pound.) Yesterday was the day for one of our donations so we headed to the food pantry with a trunk full of pork

and then watched Big Sissy, Bubby, and Little Sissy fill a refridgerater full of pork

that will now be used to help feed the hungry of our community.  It is sad to me that so many people worry about where their next meal will come from in this country and closer to home, our community.  Although our 100 pounds of pork won't go very far, we are glad to know that we are able to help in  a small way and passing on the importance of giving back to the community to the next generation.

How do you help give back to your community?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick and easy pickle dip


Are you ready for some football?

I know that this pigpen is.  As hard as it is to believe that football season is here (I mean where did the summer go?), we love this time of year.  Whether it be Bubby's flag football games, high school, college, or the  NFL, we love football.  So when I saw Gooseberry Patch's Touchdown Pickle Dip recipe in The Harvest Table, I knew we had to try it.


Touchdown Pickle Dip



2, 8oz. packages of softened cream cheese
1 pound of deli shaved ham, finely chopped
32 oz. jar baby dill pickles, drained and juice reserved
round buttery crackers or cracker sticks


Chop the shaved ham.


In a large bowl, blend cream cheese and ham. 



Finely chop pickles and stir in.


Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of reserved pickle juice; blend well.


If dip seems too thick, add more pickle juice.

Cover and chill until serving time.


Serves with crackers or cracker sticks.


Who will you be cheering for this football season?
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