Thursday, April 3, 2014

My baby's growing up...

So many words and thoughts have ran through my head with plans of writing a blog post the last several months, but finding the time or getting the words to flow when I have time in front of a computer has been harder said then done.  But leave it to my baby AKA Little Sissy to get me back to blogging.  You see today our little girl turned 5.

It is such a bittersweet moment with each child as they grow older, meet new milestones, and achieve new accomplishments.  But I must admit it is even just a little bit harder with the baby.

When Big Sissy was born over 11 years ago, we didn't even own a digital camera.  Flash forward to when Little Sissy was born, 5 years ago today and essentially her entire life has been documented by some form of social media...

From the announcement of her arrival on Facebook

to the sippy cup wars,

her first swim lesson,

her first day of preschool on Instagram,

and her assistance at Farm Girls Freeze.

It is all there which makes access to quick reminders of the memories a little bit easier.

So here's to Little Sissy turning 5 and my hopeful return to blogging to help document the memories!

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