Sunday, June 12, 2011

Aunts ... a valuable treasure

I was blessed with 4 amazing Aunts as my mom had 2 sisters (Aunt S and Aunt B) and my dad had 2 sisters (Aunt T and Aunt D) and as the only niece or nephew on both sides of the family for 4 years I had a great time with those Aunts that only got better as I gained siblings (2 sisters and a brother to be exact).

I have fond memories with each Aunt as a child and continue to build new ones to this day.

I was the flower girl in both Aunt T and Aunt D's weddings.  The Farmer and I carried on this tradition as both of their daughters were the flower girls in our wedding.

Aunt D and I on her wedding day
I remember when Aunt D would take me to the farm after church to visit Uncle N in the milking parlor.  I can distinctly remember him putting down paper towels so I could sit on the steps to watch the cows.  (I couldn't have much more than 3 or 4.)  I also remember when Aunt D shrunk her most favorite wool Ralph Lauren sweater with a mallard duck on it.  It no longer fit her, but it amazingly fit me.  I remember when Aunt D bought back my first 4-H lamb from the auction.  (My dad wasn't too happy.)

I remember after Uncle C and Aunt T got back from their honeymoon.  They loaded up their tiny car in our front yard and drove off for Tucson, Arizona and have lived their ever since.  I remember riding the water slides at Indiana Beach with Aunt T when she came back to visit one summer.  When I started at Purdue University, I couldn't wait to buy Uncle C and Aunt T sweatshirts that said alumni and aunt/uncle and hand deliver them on my first visit to Tucson over Spring Break my freshman year.

Aunt T and I on her visit to Purdue
I remember when Aunt B bought me my first camera at age 5.  It was a Kodak disk camera, but I couldn't have been happier.  She taught me to love photography.  (This may be why I couldn't find any pictures of her and I for this post.  I know they exist, but they aren't in my possession.)  I remember when Aunt B used to take us shopping one-on-one for our birthdays and let us pick where we would eat in addition to shopping to our heart's content.  Aunt B inspired me to be a Martha Stewart.  Aunt B also taught me the importance of saving money and being wise with my money.  She used to love to play the stock market.  Aunt B left us almost 9 years ago.  Two weeks before my sister got married and a month before Big Sissy was born.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her.

I do remember Aunt B taking this picture.
I attended preschool across the street from the elementary school where Aunt S taught.  On spaghetti days, I got to go across the street at eat lunch with Aunt S in the cafeteria at the big school.  Aunt S taught me how to play the flute.  She made me practice with coke bottles filled with water first and finally one day I actually got to play her flute and have played it ever since.  Aunt S taught me to love M&Ms and Fannie May chocolate.

Aunt S and I with the Bishop at my Confirmation in the fall of 1991.
I learned a lot from my Aunts and am still learning from all of them which I guess is what makes it even harder to know that Aunt S was diagnosed with leukemia last week.  She will visit with her doctor in Chicago tomorrow to develop her treatment plan, but it sounds like it will be intense.  She is a survivor as she has already beat breast cancer, but I would ask for extra prayers as we'll take all that we can get.  



  1. Prayers for Aunt S. I just spent a wonderful day with several of my aunts. And I love being an aunt. Very special indeed.

  2. Add my prayers to the list as well. Aunts are indeed very special people. I had eight, still have five, and LOVE spending time with all of them.

  3. Will definitely keep your family in our prayers. I love seeing your pics & hearing abt yoru special times. :)

  4. Love your tribute to your aunts and definitely praying for your Aunt S.


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