Friday, May 27, 2011

Farmer Fridays - Some things are more important

I have really struggled with this week's Farmer Fridays as not much as happened on our family farm this week which is honestly quite depressing this time of year.  We are usually trying to finish up planting season by Memorial Day and applying anhydrous ammonia to our corn this time of year.  Much to our dismay, Mother Nature has not been real cooperative so far this spring and our time in the fields has been extremely limited.  I try to be an optimist so I just keep reminding myself it could be worse.

I was reminded of this in black and white today when I received an email from a friend and professional peer, Joe.  Quoting the Daily Livestock Report, his email started, "Some things are more important than markets and policies and prices."  Joe then went on to encourage us to learn more about the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.  He also reminded us that "even though this is a difficult planting season, please take time to enjoy and observe Memorial Day."  "The challenges we face today are minimal compared to those who went before us and it is fitting we remember them on Monday."  "Please keep in mind that we still have family, friends and neighbors defending us around the world as well as in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Although we are starting to reach some critical time lines to get our corn and soybeans planted, Joe's words really hit home for some reason which is why I asked him if I could share them.  I hope that they have struck a chord within you as well.


  1. I hear you. Many fields have large ponds on them now covering small corn and bean plants. Then I have my oldest nephew in Afghanistan (on his second tour; the first one was in Iraq), and we are all looking forward to the end of June when this tour is over. I think he will go back again; he is an Army Ranger, single, and he's gonna be 28 at the end of summer. It's a whole different animal, but neither one is predictable or certain. Praying for him and for you and the man farmers out there still not finished with planting. The country might just get another lesson in the domino effect if our weather doesn't take a turn for the better. HUGS!

  2. We are in the same boat with you on the planting. Our time will come and it will work out for all of us. Have a safe weekend


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