Monday, May 16, 2011

What is a parent to do?

Life is full of decisions.  Some easy and some not so easy.  It is hard enough when you have to make a decision that only impacts yourself; however, when you have to make a decision that could be impacting the future of your children, it is a whole other story.

The Farmer and I have to make a decision that will impact Big Sissy.  Now in the scheme of things it is a rather minor decision, but I hate the fact that the decision we are making today could be determining her future.

Big Sissy is at the age where some of her friends are starting to get involved with travel teams for sports.  To The Farmer and me, this is a big decision.  We want to give her and Bubby and Little Sissy, every opportunity we can; however, the time commitment and impact on everyone else in the family are a bit scary and this is only the first step.

I feel like at age 8 we have to make the decision on if she will have the opportunity to play sports in high school.  This is quite scary to me.  The Farmer and I both played sports, several different ones each, until high school and then were able to determine what to pursue.  Unfortunately, I don't feel this is the case anymore.

It feels like we have to decide now what one or two sports she might have the opportunity to play in high school if she so chooses.

No pressure.


  1. That is a tough one, and I was a coach's daughter, but that was back before there were such things as a traveling team. Are you living in a big school district? I guess you have to ask yourself how important this sport will be to Big Sissy in her future. What is she going to get out of it? Is what you will put in in time, money, and extreme juggling equal to what this sport will give her? This has become a HUGE commitment, and (thankfully) we haven't hit that hurdle or fork in the road yet. Our 8 year old plays soccer in the fall and has tried basketball camp. She is going for a week of volleyball camp after school is out. Good luck with your decision making task!

  2. I am a parent to a 13 year old who plays four sports, two musical instruments and is in several academic and other arts related groups. We have done limited travel team for one sport but our rule was at age 4-11, only two activities at a time. Meaning piano lessons and one sport per season was the limit. I think kids need time to be kids. If Big Sissy ends up being a great soccer player someday it won't be because she was awesome at age 8. It comes down to the child wanting to make it their own, not to traveling teams at age 8. It's all a balance and a truly a juggling act to make these decisions. Good luck!

  3. It's scary out there. My daughter is 5 and I'm worried that if I don't get her in a tumbling class in the next year, she'll never be a high school cheerleader (cheerleading is something she already likes; I was NOT a cheerleader myself). The truth is that our kids WILL be competing against kids who started at age 8 (or even younger) playing on very competitive teams. It's not like when I was a kid and you could show up for 7th grade basketball tryouts and still need help dribbling.

  4. Isn't life crazy for kids these days?


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