Saturday, May 14, 2011

Farmer Fridays - Did you know we raise rocks?

Well Mother Nature finally cooperated for a few days and we were able to get in the fields on Wednesday night.  We worked almost non-stop until a short rain shower stopped us yesterday afternoon.  The weather forecast for today is still up in the air as the sun is currently shining, but rain is predicted.  The Farmer is optimistic.

Before the rain arrived yesterday, we were able to plant 2 1/2 fields of corn and a few rows of sweet corn and everyone's moods have improved immensely since last week's Farmer Fridays.

Now I know you know we raise corn, soybeans, wheat, and pigs on farm, but did you also know we "raise" rocks?  Well not really as you can't grow rocks; however due to our year round climate and the freezing and thawing patterns of the soil during the winter, each year new rocks come to the surface of the soil.  I understand why this happens, but it amazes me each year that rocks of all sizes randomly appear in the field.

As you might image, rocks are not so friendly to our tractors and equipment so Bubby and I spent some time picking up rocks the other night.

Truth be told, we could probably pick up rocks every day on the ground we farm and still not get them all.   It is quite amazing.

And although we don't really want the rocks in our fields, they do make a nice addition to my landscaping.



  1. Same here! I say that if rocks and dandelions were a cash crop, we'd be rich, I tell ya, RICH!

    We also get a fair amount of old pottery, broken glass, and rusted metal because former occupants of our place were kind of messy. My kids are like junior archeologists "Look, beer can c. 1977!"

  2. We have quite a rock farm too! I keep thinking there has to be some way to make money off all the rocks we harvest.

  3. Glad you can use them in your landscaping!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  4. My next project is going to be a U-Pick rock garden.... it could be a franchise if you were interested... haha!

  5. You saw the post I did on my monster right? Jent talked about rocks too. I like how she used her "resources" to get them out of the field! Hope the planters are rolling your way. We sat this weekend out with one corn field left to plant! Sigh...oh well, it was out of our hands. Can't stop the rain!


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