Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey: Two Ways

When Ott, A from a Latte with Ott,A announced turkey was the secret ingredient for her November Iron Chef Challenge, I immediately thought of two different recipes that could work.  These recipes both came to mind as they can be made in less than 10 minutes each and always receive rave reviews from the pigpen.  Additionally, they can be made with turkey breast from the deli case or with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving or anytime you make a whole turkey or turkey breast.

So I decided I would go ahead and share both recipes with you as we all know we will be looking for many different ways to serve up the leftovers from Thanksgiving come Friday.

First up is my semi-homemade Turkey Manhattans.  Now, you can make this recipe as homemade as you want or as semi-homemade as you want.  At this pigpen, we usually go the semi-homemade route as it is hard to beat a delicious comfort food that can be made in less than 10 minutes.

Semi-homemade Turkey Manhattans
White Bread
Turkey Breast
Mashed Potatoes

When making semi-homemade turkey manhattans, we use turkey breast from the deli case, Bob Evans Original Mashed Potatoes from the refrigerator case, and Heinz's Home Style Roasted Turkey gravy in the jar.  

Prepare your mashed potatoes in the microwave as instructed.  (This takes approximately 6-7 minutes.)

Heat your gravy on the stove top.

Place one piece of white bread in the middle of your dinner plate.

Add the desired amount of turkey breast.  Then heat the bread and turkey up in the microwave oven for about 30 seconds.

Add the desired amount of mashed potatoes and then drizzle with the desired amount of gravy.

And you are ready to eat one yummy meal.

The second recipe I'd like to share is for a Cranwich.  My mother-in-law made these when she used to work at a local tea room as their chef and it has become a treat for our family when she makes them.

Brownberry Whole Grains Health Nut Bread
Whipped Cream Cheese
Chopped Walnuts
Sliced Swiss Cheese
Turkey Breast
Leaf Lettuce
Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce

Chop walnuts and set aside.

Take one piece of bread and spread whipped cream cheese all over one side.

Sprinkle chopped walnuts over the whipped cream cheese.

Add a slice of swiss cheese.

Add the desired amount of turkey breast.

Top the turkey with a piece of leaf lettuce.

Spread the whole cranberry sauce on one side of another piece of bread.

Assemble the sandwich.

Cut into 4s and serve with a toothpick inserted into each fourth.

This sandwich is a real treat as it puts a real twist on a traditional turkey and swiss sandwich.

Hopefully these recipes have given you something to think about as you  stare down your Thanksgiving leftovers and think of quick and easy weeknight meals that just hit the spot.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


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