Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Tradition #2 from the pigpen

It is no secret that we love to bake at this pigpen when we can find the time.  As if the Christmas season wasn't already busy enough, we try squeeze in lots of baking in the coming month.  From puppy chow AKA reindeer chow to peanut butter balls, we love to bake during the Christmas season.

This is a tradition I picked up from my amazing mother-in-law.  Usually during the month of November and December, she bakes up a storm of Christmas cookies that we then share with family and friends in addition to our family farm's landlords.  (We rent some of our farm ground from local land owners that don't farm themselves, but want to keep their land in production agriculture.  This arrangement is really a win-win for all as it allows them to retain ownership of their farm ground without having to farm it themselves and it allows us to farm more ground without having to own it all.)

My mother-in-law usually makes around 10 different kinds of cookies.  Many are the same cookies she made the year before, but each year we do try to find a new recipe.  This is one reason why I was so excited to be a part of The Real Farmwives and Friends In the Cookie Kitchen partnership with Gooseberry Patch as it allowed me try out a new recipe, Graham No-Bake Cookies.

Big Sissy gave them a big thumb's up!
After all the cookies are made, we package them up in cute containers and then deliver them around the countryside.  This is a really fun family tradition and one that I'm glad my mother-in-law shares with me and the kids.

So Christmas Tradition #2 is baking Christmas cookies for our family, friends, and landlords.

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

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