Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tradition #3 from the pigpen

Even though I'm already talking about Christmas tradition #3, I can't believe tomorrow will be December 1st.   How is it possible that we are 25 days from Christmas?

Any way, Christmas tradition #3 is decorating the Christmas tree.

The Farmer and I both grew up in houses with a live tree and we had a live tree the first couple of years of our marriage.  In fact, I can remember bundling up Big Sissy for her first trip to the Christmas tree farm when she was only over a month old.  However, we lived in a very small rental house the first three years of her life and once she was able to walk, we had a very tiny space for a tree.  So we went the pre-lit artificial route that year and havent' looked back until this year.

This pigpen's tradition is to start decorating our house and Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving when we get back from visiting my family for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Everything was going as planned this year until I got the tree out of the box and all set up.

After plugging in the tree, this is what I got....

a partially lit up tree.

Now this is not the first time I have had this problem.  Two years ago, none of the lights came on, but after shaking it quite hard for quite some time all of the lights came on and down the road we went.  Last year when I first plugged it in, the entire middle section of lights did not come on so I added a strand of lights and we were back in business.  So this year when only part of lights came on, I was slightly depressed.

I shook the tree.  I unplugged and replugged in the tree several times with no luck.

I wondered if this was a sign that we should go back to a real tree.

I decided to wait to talk to The Farmer before making any decisions and I'm glad I did.

After some discussion, we decided to get a new pre-lit artificial tree and since The Farmer gave me the go ahead I went ahead an ordered a new tree on Sunday night from Home Depot.  (We ordered from Home Depot as we had a store credit to use and liked their online selection.)

When I ordered the tree, they said it would take 3-5 days for shipping after 1-3 days of processing.  Well much to my excitement, the box was sitting by the door when I arrived home tonight.

Now I just have to find time to decorate the tree.

Are you a real tree or artificial tree family?



  1. Being married to a railroader, I have opted for years to have the artificial because we never knew when schedules would work out to go get the fresh and I like putting mine up early.

    Can't wait to see the pics of the new one... with that new camera!

  2. We are a real tree family but I have no idea why! Probably because I suck at cleaning and putting things in storage (which we don't have much of) and with a real tree I just undecorate, throw out the door and can be "stored" in the yard till Spring when I make a kid burn it or haul it to the burn pile!
    And Cris - my Chris has went to get a tree with me once in 20 years! Even Casey's first Christmas one of our best friends (Mark) took Casey and I to get our tree!
    Have fun decorating!

  3. We inherited my Mom and Dad's artificial tree when they upgraded. Mom is allergic to the chlorophil (sp?) in the tree, makes her break out and sneeze. So.....we go fake so we can have her over for Christmas ;-)


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