Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Tradition #1 from the pigpen

I realize Christmas is still 45 days away, but I must admit with the first sighting of snow today I'm starting to get in the mood.  Now that doesn't mean I'm ready to decorate my house, but I have surfed the radio stations a few times looking for a good Christmas song as I love Christmas music.

Any way, I thought in the days leading up to and after Christmas, I would share some of my favorite family Christmas traditions with all of you.  Some have been passed down to me by generations before me and others are ones that we started right here at the pigpen.

Christmas pajamas are tradition #1.

I don't know where I got this idea, but every year since Big Sissy's first Christmas I have bought the kids a new pair of Christmas pajamas for them to wear on Christmas Eve.  They love putting on their new pajamas on Christmas Eve and, selfishly, it ensures that the kids looks pretty good in their Christmas morning pictures.  (Their hair can often be another topic, but at least they are dressed in something that matches as opposed to some of Big Sissy and Bubby's random pajama concoctions.)

I try to coordinate the pajamas as much as I can, but this is getting harder and harder with Big Sissy getting older.  (I can't believe she is 9.)

Today I stopped by Gymboree as I had a return to make and it must have been meant to be as they were having a sale on their Christmas pajamas.  I was able to pick up a pair of coordinating pajamas for Big Sissy, Bubby, and Little Sissy for $12.99 each.  The icing on the cake was I still got a refund after I purchased all 3 pairs of pajamas and made my return.

Now I can't wait to give them their new pajamas on Christmas Eve and capture their smiling and happy faces on Christmas morning.

What Christmas traditions does your family have?


  1. I would say Christmas eve is a huge tradition here. Every Christmas eve we go to the 5Pm mass, then come home and me and my mother make a HUGE feast, usually consisting of mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie with homemade noodles, corn, rolls, icecream for dessert. Then we sit around eating homemade deer summer sasuage and cheese, and now we have added a few adult cocktails. Then as kids we would get to open ONE present...and EVERYYEAR it would be a new orniment for the tree, which back then we laughed at and when hmmm..another ornament. But now that I live away from my parents and put up a tree with the finance. It really brings back some of the best memories when I hang up some of those ornaments. Then we would leave out the milk and cookies...then await for everyone to awake and open presents, and then me and mom make a big breakfast with dip eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls, toast, and baked hash browns.

  2. We just got our Christmas jammies in the mail this week!

  3. My mom does the same thing! I love the new ones you picked up! Although I don't have any kids I love that store for buying gifts!

  4. CUTE! Our girls have birthdays in November, so that's usually when they get their winter jammies. I'm sure Bubby will start to worry about the coordinating thing in a year or two. Maybe he can have Ken PJs to match Barbie ones? ;-)

  5. I do the same thing! I wrap them up and they are allowed to open one present on christmas eve....pyjamas! :D I like getting christmas pjs myself too it makes going to bed christmas eve even more special (if thats possible) Can't wait for christmas!


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