Thursday, January 27, 2011

The plus side of mommy guilt

Mommy guilt visits me quite often as my full-time job often requires me to travel. 

As much as I hate the mommy guilt and would give anything to be with my family, I must admit there are a few perks to my travel.  One of them is the locations I get to visit on occasion.  Now I will admit traveling to warm, sunny places when it is cold and snowy at home is quite nice; however, it is not the same if your family isn't with you.  I tried to explain this to my family before I left on Wednesday morning, but all Bubby could say is "Mommy's going to Florida."

So as much as I miss my family, the plus side of my mommy guilt is that I'm in sunny Florida and this was my view during breakfast today.

So while I'm already suffering from mommy guilt, I will just add some more guilt as I'm not going to have a Farmer Fridays post tomorrow so stay tuned until next Friday. 



  1. I feel your mommy guilt Heather! Hang in there. My plus side of mommy guilt is a majority of my working mom business travel is California. Sunshine and blue skies. But there is never a moment I am not OVERJOYED to drive down the gravel road and return home to the prairie.
    Remove the guilt and relish in that your kids have a strong mama!

  2. The best part of travel with three kids? Sleep!!

    Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. Looks great!! Really wishing I was there with you:) But guess I will just keep waiting on baby here. Hope it is a good time for the rest of you!


  4. Don't feel guilty! Just try to enjoy yourself!

  5. If I had a few days in warm sunshine, I think I would come home refreshed and rejuvenated. And I agree with Jeanette, less kids mean more sleep! Work it to making you a HAPPIER mom!

  6. Heather! As many times as I've been on your blog, somehow I didn't have you on my list. Many apologies. That's been rectified too!


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