Friday, February 4, 2011

Farmer Fridays - This family farm has no snow days

What a week it has been!

It's hard to believe that it is Friday especially considering Big Sissy and Bubby haven't been to school since Monday.  Monday night the freezing rain appeared and we woke up to about  a half inch of ice on Tuesday morning and no school Day #1. 

Although Big Sissy didn't have school due to the weather on Tuesday, there is no such thing as a snow day or weather delay or cancellation of any kind on our family farm or truthfully any farm that has livestock to care for on their farm. The care of our animals always, always comes first especially in times of inclement weather. 

The Farmer and my father-in-law spent all day Monday getting ready for the predicted weather.  Due to the freezing rain being predicted, we were quite nervous that we might lose power and for an extended period of time.  Since our pigs live in climate controlled buildings which is such a blessing in weather like we've had this week, keeping the electricity going is a must.  The Farmer and his dad made sure the generator was ready to go if needed.  Additionally, they spent extra time making sure all of our feed bins  (bins where we store pigs feed on the farm before it is delivered to their feeders) were full in case we couldn't get feed to them due to the weather.  On Tuesday, they continued  to ready our farm for Round 2 which was predicted to hit around late afternoon. 

Icicles hanging on one of our pig buildings

Thankfully be the grace of God, the precipitation that fell was sleet followed by snow and not more freezing rain.  Although this did nothing to help road conditions, this may have spared us from a major power outage for our home and farm.  The farm did lose power around 8pm on Tuesday night; however, it returned around 1am.  Thanks to our generator, the pigs never even lost a bit of sleep over it and since the power returned relatively quickly The Farmer and his dad were able to get some sleep too. 

As I said earlier, the road conditions were quite less than desirable so Wednesday, followed by Thursday, and then Friday all arrived with school being cancelled for Big Sissy and Bubby.  Thankfully I wasn't scheduled to travel far from home this week and was able to cancel the appointments I did have so I was able to work from home with the kids during this mini vacation from reality for them. (I did reaffirm that the master bathroom with a locked door is a great place for a conference call when the kids are at home with you.)  In fact, I didn't even leave the house for 48 hours straight which may have been a first without someone being sick. 

So while The Farmer worked hard to make sure our pigs kept warm, fed, and watered, I tried to occupy the kids for 4 days straight with playing outside not being an option. 

Notice the ice on the steering wheel of the swing set

Big Sissy and I made The Farmer's favorite lasagna (watch for the recipe in a future blog) and her favorite puppy chow.

I finally conceded and let Big Sissy and Bubby try out their ice skating skills, but don't worry... we aren't headed to the Olympics anytime soon.

And truthfully, no matter the circumstances, how can you not smile back at this face?

So I just hope you know the next time you are snowed-in, iced-in, or in general stuck with your family, besides trying to keep everyone happy, our family is also working round the clock to ensure our pigs are OK as there are no snow days on this family farm. 



  1. Thats awesome that the kids ice skated. Glad you had a productive snow day!

  2. Hi Heather! I also have a farmer husband. We have pigs and cattle. My farmer is also very busy taking care of animals during bad weather. Glad the electricity was only out for a few hours. It sure makes things easier in this weather!

  3. Our kids finally went back Thursday. It is amazing how different it is just a bit farther south. Looks like in between pig duties your family got some good quality time in!

  4. Great post! I think I'll do a similar one for Turkey Tuesday next week!


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