Saturday, January 22, 2011

Farmer Fridays - Protecting our pigs from the elements

In other Farmer Fridays posts, I have explained some of the reasons that we raise our pigs on our family farm in climate controlled buildings.  The past two days have been prime examples as to why we do it. 

Yesterday, it was 23 degrees and snowed all day long.  Although the snow stopped overnight, the cold temperatures remained and today we reached a high of 10 degrees.  Meanwhile, our pigs were living in our barns that are kept anywhere from 65 to 80 degrees depending on the age of the pig.

I realize this may be hard to picture and actual pictures can't do it justice so see if this helps explain why we do it...

Hope you and your family are keeping warm tonight just like my family and our pigs.



  1. Love it! What a great way to show us why raising pigs inside a barn is a good thing!

  2. You sooooo rock, Heather! Great job sharing your farm with us!! :)

  3. Great job of sharing! I've been fielding discussion about our cows being outside and a picture circulating around the county about "terrible" calf hutches at a diary. The person with the picture apparently had no clue as to how barns can CAUSE pneumonia in calves if not properly ventilated. Education and visuals are KEY to making our lives better understood.

  4. Heather you truly showed us WHY those pigs wouldn't want to be outside and they are safely being cared for inside! I am going to share this with Twitter and Facebook friends! Thanks so much.

  5. Whoohoo that's the way do do it!

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh those pigs look so happy! Much nicer indoors than out that day.

  7. Wow. Everyone seems so happy. Congrats. You make your lifestyle very tempting, this is coming from someone who lives in FL. Sounds like fun!

  8. GREAT VIDEO!!!! Looks warm and toasty to me!


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