Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not the day this pig pen planned

Today was supposed to be about the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break for Big Sissy and Bubby,  Grandparents' Day at Big Sissy's school (which is sneakily during the Book Fair so Big Sissy has been planning all week what her Grandmas would buy her), getting ready for Thanksgiving, and Celebrating the 2010 Harvest

Things were going as planned until about 10:15 am when the school secretary called me to let me know that Big Sissy had collided with someone during morning recess and was sitting in the office with a fat lip and a bloody, potentially loose tooth.

I will admit the minute I heard the word TOOTH, I started to freak out a little bit as she has most of her permanent teeth already.  I told them that I would be at school in a little bit to see her knowing that she was going to be very mad at me if I made her miss Grandparents Day which ended at lunch. 

I immediately called the dentist who said they wanted to see her right away and would find a way to fit her in as fast as possible so that she could hopefully get back to school for Grandparents Day. 

When I picked her up at school, they had gauze in her mouth for the blood and an huge ice pack for her lip as it was severely bruised and swollen. 

So off to the dentist we went and they got us in almost right away. 

She chipped one of her bottom teeth so they will do a partial crown in about a month and two of her top teeth (thankfully not the front two) are in major pain and a little bit loose.  We will have to keep an eye on these as they look OK now, but the dentist is afraid they might die and she will eventually need a root canal, but only time will tell.

So for now, she can not eat with her front teeth for about a month and we are scheduled to visit the dentist once a month to keep an eye on the top two teeth.

So needless to say today did NOT goes as planned and although we are not out of the clear, it could always be worse and we made it back in time for Grandparents Day. 



  1. Awww that sucks for her! I have so many chipped and repaired teeth it isn't funny! Hopefully the other 2 will heal!

  2. I saw your tweet about your day earlier today and was thinking of you. My son collided with a brick wall on the play ground two years ago. He lost two teeth and had 13 total loose teeth. All teeth were able to recover and he has a pearly white smile today. But it was a horrific experience and I totally know how it goes to have a day that gets away from you. Enjoy the holiday tomorrow with your family!


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