Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a Wordless Wednesday 1st Birthday

Our youngest niece turned 1 less than a week ago.   Little Sissy and Cousin E are only 7 months apart so I hope they will be the best of friends growing up.  

We celebrated Cousin E's birthday in conjunction with her brother's 3rd birthday as their birthdays are only a few weeks apart.  Her brother, Cousin N, requested pumpkin pie instead of birthday cake for their party so of course their mother obliged.  She wasn't quite sure how Cousin E would like pumpkin pie.  

I'll let you be the judge...



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  1. Fabulous sequential photos Auntie H! Thanks for the being the unofficial photographer of the Hill family!

  2. She was so neat about eating her treat. My son wore it all over his face and clothes.

  3. That's about the way I would eat mine ;-) YUMMY!


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