Monday, September 6, 2010

We love family time at this pig pen

As I've told you before holidays do not always mean rest when you are a farmer and this Labor Day weekend is no different.  Although we haven't started harvest yet, we are busy getting ready as it will start any day.  Additionally, when you are livestock farmers, like we are, there is always something to do as the care of our pigs always comes first.  

Although it is a very busy time of year on our family farm, we have been able to sneak in some quality family time the last two nights of this Labor Day weekend.  Due to the Labor Day weekend, Big Sissy and Bubby didn't have any soccer games this weekend so they snuck  in a game of football on Saturday night. 

Little Sissy even joined in on the fun.  


Last night, we were able to have a family cookout at my in-laws that included The Farmer's brothers, Uncle M and Uncle K.  Auntie E, Uncle's M's wife, and Cousin N  and E were there too.  Unfortunately, Uncle K's girlfriend had to work and couldn't join us.  Big Sissy, Bubby, and Cousin N were devastated as they love playing hide-n-go-seek with her. 

After a delicious meal of pork burgers, french tomatoes, BBQ green beans, and other yummies made by mother-in-law including a chocolate cake decorated by Big Sissy, we headed out to the pond for some fishing.  

Uncle M and Bubby
Although the bites were slim, everyone had a great time.  

Big Sissy, Cousin N, and Bubby
 Hope you and your family are having a great Labor Day weekend!!



  1. Love your family pix!

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  2. Sure nice to have family days kids grown up way to fast and you can't get that time back. Enjoy your weekend

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  4. awww cute pics! I have 3 little ones too, all boys though! following you from MFM.

  5. new follower...such a cute blog! can't wait to read more about your kids & pigs.... i'm a former 4-H member and love love love animals. Come meet my munchkins over at

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  7. Awwwwww look at that baller Little Sissy...SO cute!

  8. We had a great time last night! Love those stinkpots!

  9. I love that mother-in-law is one of your tags. Glad to see you got some quality family time in before the harvest rush.

  10. Hey there! How the heck did I NOT follow you until tonight? I thought I had signed on a long time ago! Dang!

    I was amazed that we were able to get off the farm quite a bit this weekend to enjoy our local festival to end summer.

    Have a safe harvest, and I will now be better tuned in to your goings on!

  11. What a great blog! I'm a new follower from the blog hop. I look forward to reading more! Feel free to come on over and follow me too.

  12. Glad that some fun was had before harvest. Though I know it's long days for dad, I can't wait for the combines to get moving!

  13. Cute pics, Heather! Looks like you guys had fun! :)


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