Friday, September 10, 2010

Farmer Fridays - This pig pen's privacy fence is gone

Well it's been a crazy week which I know is nothing new at this pig pen, but it has also been eventful especially for Bubby.


Bubby started Pre-K on Wednesday and I don't know where the time is going.  It seems like just yesterday he was born  and not almost 5 years ago.  

Although he was very excited to start school and appears to love it, he also was very excited to come home from school on Wednesday to find that we would be starting corn harvest before the end of the day.  

The Farmer and Big Sissy
You see there's not much that ranks higher on this family farm than a combine ride with Daddy or Pop Pop.  

So not only did Bubby start school this week, but we also started corn harvest.  The start of the fall season is always a very exciting time on our family farm and one of my favorite times of year.


The field that surrounds our house was the first field planted this spring so it only made sense that it would be the first field harvested this fall.

Although I'm excited that corn harvest has started, I really miss my privacy fence.  If you remember, my house was surrounded by corn on 3 sides this year and the corn served as a very good privacy fence.  Now that the corn has been harvested, it seems really odd to see our house from the road.  


In the coming weeks, I'll keep you posted on our harvest progress as well as the "mechanics" behind harvest.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. It makes me look forward to the day that one of ours can ride around with Sour. And really, little bubs, he's looking so grown up!

  2. We started Thursday. Corn is testing around 18% and looks like we are a bit above 200 on yields. Like you, we always start harvest near home. Guess that is so if anything breaks down, we are close to work the bugs out. Be safe out there! This morning it is raining, but my hubby is just waiting for the clouds to break and that first peak of sun so he can get back out there. Farmers! ;-)

  3. What a handsome little man! I remember those combine rides from my childhood...all cozy in the cab...the smell of dust and diesel. It still makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. Sweet post. Sorry about your privacy fence : (

  4. Harvest has just barely started around here. You all are a little ahead of us!

  5. I totally know what you are saying!! If I could have it my way...I would ask for the farmer who farms the field surrounding our property to plant corn on corn! I love the way it feels and looks to be surrounded by our beautiful crops!

  6. What a big week!! School and a ride on the combine!! That is such a cute picture of him! I love those first day of school pics!

  7. Nice article in the farm publication. Whether it is spring planting or fall harvest it get to all of us.


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