Sunday, July 11, 2010

The first sweet corn of the season at the pig pen

In my opinion nothing says summer like fresh sweet corn straight from the field or garden.  Besides the fact that it tastes so good, it brings back some great memories of growing sweet corn with my Papa.

Yesterday for lunch, we had our first batch of sweet corn from our own field.  You see, we don't plant sweet corn in a garden at this pig pen.  My husband and father-in-law plant it on the end of one of our regular corn fields so we normally have a fair amount of sweet corn which is perfect for eating and freezing if the raccoons don't get too it first.

Any way, we were quite excited when my husband showed up for lunch yesterday with several ears of corn.

At this pig pen, we prepare our sweet corn by letting it boil in boiling water for 7 minutes.

We then add butter and salt to each ear as we eat it and it's absolutely perfect.  By the way, sweet corn is one of the few foods I actually add salt to but it makes all the difference.

(Yes, we use spray butter for our sweet corn.  We bake with butter but have used spray butter for everything else since my father-in-law had his heart attack almost 6 years ago.)

We were so excited to have sweet corn that it was about all we ate for lunch yesterday.  We did have a sliced tomato and we pan fried a homegrown zucchini, but that was it.  I think we may have got our vegetable fill for the week.  :-)

Tune in to this Friday's Farmer Fridays post to learn about the difference between our sweet corn and normal field corn.


  1. mmmm...My mom said she'd let me suck all the butter and yummies off the cob when I was little, too.

  2. Yum! Our corn and tomatoes aren't ready yet... but there is a stand right on the edge of town and I am about to go and raid it!

  3. Very jealous, as I have not had any sweet corn yet this summer. Maybe you should add popcorn to your list of corns for Farmer Friday. I had a co-worker who didn't know their was any difference. :)

  4. My mother-in-law's tomatoes are ready yet either. I bought this one at our local orchard's farm market.

    Ott, A thanks for the idea about including popcorn. We don't raise any popcorn, but I will see what I can find to add to the post.

  5. I freakin love sweet corn! Harvest Land accidently sprayed our sweet corn with Roundup and it all died - that was a sad day!! :(

  6. I love summer. We should be losing weight with all these fresh veggies, but I guess I am using too much butter. I love the pictures of the girls eating!

  7. I love sweet corn time!! Good chatting with you, today!! :)

  8. I love sweet corn so much it is like a sickness. You should see how bummed out I get when I buy some that is no good. Last year we tried to grow it but I remember the kids used to detassle when I was growing up so I detassled it. Yeah, we ended up buying from a neighbor! LOL


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