Saturday, July 17, 2010

Produced in the USA is important to this pig pen

We had one of my most favorite meals for dinner tonight.  It is one that is only good in the summer when the bulk of the ingredients are at their peak.  

We had BLTs, sweet corn, cucumbers with ranch dressing, and sliced peaches.

The beauty of this meal is that the bacon, cucumbers, and sweet corn were all homegrown.  The tomatoes and peaches were from our state.  And although, the bread and lettuce were not produced in our state, they were products of the USA.


You might not think this is a big deal, but as a farmer, it feels like each and every day someone is questioning how we raise our crops and livestock. If we don't put our trust in the American farmer and let them make decisions based on science vs. emotion, we may not be able to find food produced in the United States someday.

Just some food for thought, literally.


  1. Oh, your homegrown vegetables made me so hungry. That is one of my favorite meals when everything is on, BLT's and sweet corn. Looks yum and I love made in the USA too.

  2. Those BLTs look sooo good!

    As a mama (and former farm girl)thank you and your family for all you do to fill our plates:)

  3. You go girl! Now, though, I am hungry for bacon! Wonder if Tall Guy will make me some?

  4. Our favorite summer meal!!


  5. What a great post. You are so right. We take it for granted.

    And I want some bacon, too! I'm starving.

  6. Looks yummy, Heather! hope you had a great weekend!! :)

  7. Really good post! I am going to send it out on Twitter. I wish I had a garden of my own, but I make good use of the farmers market.

  8. OK!! I HAVE to follow someone who has pictures of bacon on their page!!! :)


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