Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmer Fridays - The Year of Pigs

Well I have failed again...  I didn't get my Farmer Fridays post done yesterday.  Believe it or not, it wasn't from lack of effort, but The Farmer and I are actually on a mini, mini vacation to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and our Internet connection at the hotel was a little less than desirable last night.  Any way, it is working much better this morning so I thought I go ahead an post this week's Farmer Fridays.

The 2010 Indiana State Fair starts this coming Friday, August 6th.  I have always loved the State Fair.  I have great memories of showing my pigs and sheep there as a 4-Her and can only wait for when my children will be able to show at the State Fair.  In fact, even though we didn't know each other then, The Farmer and I both showed pigs at the State Fair at the same time. 

This year's State Fair is even more exciting to me than most as the theme for the 2010 Indiana State Fair is The Year of Pigs presented by Indiana Pork Farmers.  As one of those Indiana pork farmers, who could be more excited about The Year of Pigs than me. 

In honor of The Year of Pigs, I thought I would share some interesting pork facts with you courtesy of Indiana Pork. 

  • Indiana has over 3,000 pork farmers around the state
  • 94% of Indiana's pork farms are family owned and operated
  • Indiana is the fifth largest producer of pork in the United States
  • Indiana's pork industry employs more than 13,000 people

  • Indiana's pork industry spends more than $600 million in local rural communities

  • Indiana's pork industry contributes more than $3 billion annually to Indiana’s economy

  • Indiana's pork industry is the leading consumer of Indiana grain—more than $300 million worth

  • Indiana marketed 8 million pigs last year

  • Indiana's pork farmers deliver the annual pork needs of every man, woman, and child in Indiana… plus 15 million more people in the U.S., plus 5 million more people around the world!
So if you happen to be in the Indianapolis area August 6th - 22nd, don't forget to check out the Indiana State Fair, The Year of Pigs, and the Garbage Burger

P.S.  In the coming days, I will be having my first give-a-way which will have something to do with the Indiana State Fair so stay tuned.

P.P.S.  Don't forget to check out the video my Goode friend and her family made for the special Year of Pigs YouTube contest



  1. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing my link :)

  2. Happy Anniversary. Your husband must be a keeper to let you take the computer along. I spent our 9th (June 30) on a Farm Bureau excursion to Ohio, and Tall Guy had roses waiting at the hotel/motel. How totally sweet and out of character! ;-) He had to stay home and cut wheat, bail straw, and try to spray beans. And he still had time to send flowers! Gotta love him right?

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    I'm looking forward to visiting the food tents at the State Fair. Honestly, all my favorites are at the commodity tents!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I look forward to seeing some of you at the State Fairgrounds this year.
    Maybe I will see you at the opening breakfast

  5. Great facts!! And as a non-Indiana girl, I am curious to see what this garbage burger is all about. :)

  6. Love your blog and the knowledge you are putting out there! I try to accomplish the same thing with our blog...being grain farmers and all! Come

  7. Happy Anniversary. I was at the Indy Airport and was walking past the food court and each table had a tri-fold on the table turned so your face was showing on each one. I was like...AHHHH it's Heather from 3 kids, and my husband was like... What??? So I explanied. I felt like I knew a celebrity. :)


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