Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Gramma

This Thanksgiving is going to be a little different than in years past.  Earlier this week my Gramma was called home after a long battle with Alzheimer's.  On Saturday, we will say our final good byes for now, but I find much peace and comfort in knowing that she is no longer suffering and in remembering and sharing the life lessons and loves she taught and gave me.

My Gramma taught my mom to sew and bake and together they taught me.  Although the Alzheimer's prevented my Gramma from teaching the next generation, together my mom and I with the help of an amazing mother-in-law are teaching my kids to do both.

My Gramma introduced me to soap operas, the CBS soaps to be exact, as we would watch them together on sick and snow days when my parents had to go to work.  As she got older she was more protective of what she let my siblings watch, but I have fond memories of watching them with her and using many of the names for my dolls and such.

My Gramma also used to make me eggnog from scratch.  I can't seem to find a recipe just like hers and of course it was in head not written down so I don't make it from scratch myself, but I always buy a half gallon as soon as it is available in the grocery stores each year.  My kids don't seem to have the same love for it, but I can't drink a glass of it without thinking of her.

My Gramma could play the piano by ear.  Till this day, I can still hear her playing The Battle Hymn of the Republic like the best of them without a piece of music in front of her.  I can only wish that she had passed this talent down to me.

My Gramma was a competitive and fierce card player.  She had her poker club and I can still remember her playing Euchre with everyone at my high school graduation party.

My Gramma was very devout in her faith and thankfully passed this down to the generation after her.
My Gramma was an amazing lady that loved the Lord and her family more than anything else.  She was so talented and I can only hope that I can share a small part of what she taught me and my siblings with my children and future generations.

Until we meet again, Gramma.  I love you!



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