Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sewing ... It's a family thing at this pig pen

My mother and her mother (my Gramma) taught me how to sew at the age of 10 and I sewed for all 10 years of my 4-H career.  Starting out with an elasticized skirt to making complete outfits by my 10th year. 

Since then, I've made a few things for my house like these curtains, but that is about it even though I love to sew.

The funny thing is I have never owned my own sewing machine until now and I have never sewed without my mother or my gramma or both of them by my side which may be why my sewing has been limited to curtains over the past several years. 

(June 2009 - the most recent picture with my mom, my gramma, and myself and of course Little Sissy.)

2 of my nearest and dearest friends, Martini and Ice Tea, both purchased a Bernina sewing machine this year.  (I have decided to give my non-blogging friends drink names that make me think of them.  Martini earned her name as it makes me think of her maiden name as I've actually never seen her drink a Martini.  Ice Tea earned her name as Ice Tea is one of the few drinks I have ever seen her drink and she loves it.) 

So long story short, I never thought I would be able to buy a Bernina, but thanks to an awesome deal that Ice Tea found and her help, I now own an Activa 220.

I am so excited and can't wait to start sewing, of course that would require me to take it out of the box and I'm a little intimidated to do so. 

I've been pondering what I should make first.  Ice Tea taught her daughter how to make pillowcases which I thought would be fun for my oldest daughter and me.  And then there was a sign... I stumbled on the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge .

So in honor of my mom and her mom this Mother's Day weekend, I will hopefully be teaching my oldest daughter how to sew while giving back to our community.

(It won't be the first time we gave back as a team as we donated hair a few years ago.)

That is if I can get my sewing machine out of the box and figure out how to thread the bobbin. 

So stay tuned...


  1. Good luck with that! My mom is a quilter, and I know she is disappointed that I never picked up the skill. She works part-time at a Bernina store, and gets all the fancy machines. She loves the embroidery! Have a blast!

  2. Thanks. I am very excited. I have never been a quilter or gotten into embroidery, but I am excited to start sewing again.

  3. This is so awesome! I am(well) below average in the sewing department, but I LOVE seeing what others can do. Those curtains are fabulous BTW!

  4. Your curtains are great! I wish I was a better seamstress. I haven't even made an elastic waisted skirt!

  5. The curtains are great! I was a 10 year 4-Her and when I first started out in 4-H I kind of wanted to take foods and sewing. But my mother said she wanted to wait a couple of years (until I had some more preciseness and patience for sewing type projects) until I started sewing so I just took foods. Ironically, the day never came were I got to sign up for sewing so to this day I struggle with sewing on a button or darning socks. But.... I can bake anything under the sun with "Martha Stewart like" perfection because I did take foods. Happy Sewing!!!

  6. Thanks for the kind words about the curtains and the well wishes for my upcoming sewing adventure. In case you were wondering, I left today for a business trip and won't be home until Friday afternoon and my sewing machine was still in the box when I left. I hope I haven't set my sights too big for Saturday afternoon. :-)

  7. I love my Bernina and I know you'll love yours. You'll have no trouble with the bobbin - it's the automatic needle threader that's tricky. Good Luck!!

  8. I have the same problem...an inferiority complex abt sewing w/o supervision! :)


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