Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Christmas Shopping has officially begun at this pig pen

I love buying presents for people and I love finding things on sale; although, I am nothing like Barbara at Frugalista Farmlife.  I don't normally start my Christmas shopping this early; however, while on a business trip the other day, I had some down time and journeyed into the Gymboree store. 

I love Gymboree.  I think their clothes are made very well and they are very cute.  I must admit though, I hardly ever, if ever, pay full price for anything there which is why my Christmas shopping started early this year.

First, I found this down vest for Little Sissy.  The vest was originally $39 and I paid $9.99.

Then, I found 3 pairs of pants and 1 top for our oldest.  The top was originally $19.75 and I paid $4.99.  The jeans were $36.75 and I paid $7.99.  The brown corduroys were $34.75 and I paid $6.99 and the pink sweatpants were originally $19.75 and I paid $4.99.

I personally thought the best deal I found was matching sweatshirts for Big Sissy and Little Sissy that they will probably wear for this year's Christmas picture with the pig.  They were both originally $28.75 and I paid $5.99 for Big Sissy's and $6.99 for Little Sissy's. 

What this means is I got $207.50 of clothing for $47.93 and there wasn't even sales tax. 

I was even able to throw in a pair of socks for our oldest and a pair of underwear for our son to qualify for $25 in gymbucks to be redeemed later this summer.  I can Christmas shop year round with savings like this.


  1. Cute clothes! I guess I need to go hit gymboree!

  2. I love to start my Christmas shopping now! One year, I was done by Halloween!

  3. Leah, you definitely need to check it out. I can't promise that you always will find these good of deals, but quite frequently I do. Katie, I can't imagine being done by Halloween. :-) For me there is something about shopping when the stores are decorated for Christmas and Christmas songs are playing.

  4. Dude! I need to go shoppin' with you!

  5. Just remember where you stash them! I so wish I had a little girl to buy for...maybe the next one will be a niece (though I love those nephews). I admit that I like to buy ahead and have a "gift closet" to prove it! Awesome job.

  6. I love Christmas shopping year round, too!! ANd Megan is lying...she doesn't have a gift closet...she has an entire gift ROOM!! :) lol


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