Friday, October 14, 2011

Farmer Fridays - Big Sissy's view from the combine

When Big Sissy went for a combine ride the other day, she asked if she could take my camera so she could share her view from the combine with all of you.  (I don't know if it is good or bad that she has taken an interest in my blogging, but I'm going with good for now.)  

During Big Sissy's combine ride, we were cutting soybeans.  As you know, we raise soybeans on our family farm in addition to corn, wheat, and pigs.  We sell all of our soybeans to a local soybean processing plant.  We then buy soybean meal from this plant made from our soybeans and those of other local farmers to feed our pigs along with corn raised on our family farm and other essential nutrients.  

So with no further ado, here is Big Sissy's view (with her own commentary):

Here comes Pop Pop to pick me up

The soybeans coming out of the combine's auger to fill the truck

The soybean field

Pop Pop using GPS auto steer technology to cut soybeans without actually having to steer the combine himself (unbelievable, right?)

The combine cutting the soybeans

The soybeans in the combine's holding tank waiting to be unloaded into the truck

I hope you enjoyed Big Sissy's view.



  1. Veryp hip! Glad to see the kiddo gettin out there and love to see her mom and camera skills wearin off on her.

  2. Thats cute, hangning with her Daddy, I have a couple of daddies girls also! The gps steering wheel is cool, thanks for the pictures!


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