Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It can always be worse

I have always tried to be an optimist and often remind myself that even when times are tough, it can always be worse.

This is a lesson that I was clearly reminded of today.

I arrived at the airport today shortly after 1pm for my 3:20pm flight home that would have me landing at 5:20pm and home by 6:30pm at the latest. After I got through security in a relatively short amount of time, I looked at the departure screen and realized my flight was delayed until 4:06pm due to weather. At the time, I was disappointed as all I could think about was getting home and seeing my family as this momma has been suffering from mommy guilt, but I reminded myself it could be worse.

So I found a seat at my gate and tried to keep myself occupied.  Sitting near me was a mother traveling with her 3 small children and her father. I could tell they had been at the airport for quite awhile and their day was not going as planned. So as much as I wanted to get home and didn’t want to be sitting at the airport, I soon realized I was thankful that I was traveling by myself and my 3 little ones were at home and not stuck at the airport with me.

4pm quickly came and went with no action at our gate and I found myself briefly talking with the mother traveling with her 3 young children. They had started their journey this morning by having breakfast at the Boston airport before heading to Newark with Savannah being their final destination. After arriving at the airport this morning, their flight to Newark was delayed and they did not arrive into Newark until 12pm only to find that they had missed their original flight to Savannah. They were re-booked on the 7pm flight which was then cancelled shortly after 4pm. Needless to say by 4pm those 3 kids were done with being at the airport. Thankfully, they had a relative that lived close by the airport where they could spend the night and then come back to the airport in the morning and hopefully have better luck traveling to Savannah.

This mother did an amazing job of keeping her cool and as my flight was delayed by an additional 2 hours now due to mechanical issues, I just kept reminding myself, it could be much worse.

And thankfully by 9:45pm, I was home safe and sound. 



  1. My Mema use to say...look around is always worse for someone makes your situation seem so much nicer.I find this does work!!Welcome back home.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Glad you finally made it home safe and sound to tuck your three little ones in...even if they were already asleep:) They'll be SO excited to see their mama in the morning!

  3. Ah Patience! Such a virtue and not always handy when you need it. It's like the thing at the bottom of your purse you cannot find but have to have so you keep digging! Glad you made it home!

  4. yuck. i feel for that momma.


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