Friday, April 1, 2011

Farmer Fridays - The first tractor ride of the season


 Well I had intended to tell you about Bubby's first tractor ride of the season; however, as soon as I started working on my post, we lost electricity at our house so all plans for the rest of the night have changed. 

You see when we lose electricity at the farm, The Farmer and his Dad move into high gear as we must start the generators to keep our pigs unaffected in their climate controlled buildings. As I say all the time, the care of our pigs always comes first

So as The Farmer is working hard to take care of our pigs, I'm using the iPad I'm piloting for work to keep all of you up to date and to entertain Big Sissy and Bubby. Thankfully Little Sissy went to bed before we lost electricity.

On another note, be sure to check out my guest post for We Got Green



  1. Ugh! Not a fun night. But I bet the kids are excited the electricity went out....mine always see it as an adventure:)

  2. Crazy weather! UGH! Our sent off once late in the afternoon. Lovely 53 mph wind gusts, and I'm not sure how high it went last night! God Bless you all for taking one of the rest of us as your piggies come before your internet service! I'm sure some people are shocked! ;-) Just another day in the life of a farmer and his/her family!

  3. I've been following a friends adventures with a new calf that's had a tough start and his name is Bubby. For some reason that gave me pause for a giggle but on the electricity side, I have to say the iPad's been a real boon for me too! In bad storms, I keep signal if the net goes out, can really read the map vs. on my phone, etc. I am a total addict. I hope our weather gets better across the board!


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