Saturday, March 19, 2011

Farmer Fridays - And she's gone

Well I think my internal clock is finally back to normal after an extended weekend get-a-way to California wine country last weekend with The Farmer and some amazing friends.  The 3 hour time differential plus the whole daylight savings time change was not kind to my internal clock, but it was definitely worth it. I say my clock is back to normal because after a full day of work yesterday, a visit to our accountant, and kindergarten round-up for Bubby (where is the time going?) I feel asleep as soon as my Boilers were assured of a trip to the round of 32 and needless to say never got my Farmer Friday post done.

So welcome to one of those rare Saturday editions of Farmer Fridays.

It's that time of year around the farm where everyone is excitedly anxious.  Mother Nature has been teasing us with some beautiful weather to let us know that planting season is just around the corner and that has everyone at this family farm beyond ecstatic.  So since it is still a little too early to get in the fields, now is the time to do all those outside projects we couldn't get done during the winter because once planting season starts we won't have time to do any other projects until planting season is all over. 

The big project yesterday was cutting down some trees close to my mother-in-law's house.  Now these trees serve as a wonderful wind break and privacy fence; however, a couple of them have died over the years and needed to come down.  One in particular, Bubby liked to call "The Widowmaker."  If you watch enough logging shows as Bubby and The Farmer do you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If you aren't as lucky as those of us at this pig pen, it is basically a tall, tall tree that could be very dangerous to cut down in essence making the spouse of the logger a widow, if you get my drift. 

Bubby loves logging shows so much that he told me the other day that Gamma, my mother-in-law, was going to have to call Jay Browining to have him cut down The Widowmaker.  Never mind that he is located in the Pacific Northwest.  Since he doesn't make house calls, Bubby and Pop Pop decided to take matters into their own hands yesterday. 

Now I only got one picture of this entire escapade and that was of the remaining stump at the very end, but let's just say it involved a chain saw, the bobcat, and two very smily boys (Bubby and PopPop).  Needless to say, The Widowmaker is gone from this family farm. 

So although we aren't going into the logging business anytime soon, it was a pretty exciting day for some on this family farm.  Now if I could only get my deck built before The Farmer went to the fields this spring, all would be happy.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Haha, Reese absolutely cracks me up with the logging obsession. What a cutie-pa-tootie (don't tell him I called him that!)! Hope all is well Heather :)

  2. I totally understand the time change. I was in Reno and am still not sure if my body has it figured out!

  3. I've been home and still can't get used to the time change....I keep wanting to sleep in. And it's so difficult to wake the kids up for school in the morning! Hopefully next week will be better:)


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