Saturday, October 2, 2010

Farmer Fridays - Time is flying by


Well this was a tough week for this mommy and farmer's wife ... I left on Tuesday afternoon for a work meeting and didn't return home until 4pm today.  What a long week it was and I sure missed a lot at home and on the farm.

Since it has been ages since we received any amount of rainfall on the farm, harvest was again in full swing this week on our family farm.  In fact, we finished soybean harvest this week.  I don't know if I remember being done with soybean harvest before October 1st during my 10 years of marriage to The Farmer

The sun has set on soybean harvest 2010.
Although we love harvest season on our family farm, it is always nice to make progress and finishing soybean harvest this week allowed us to do that.  Provided Mother Nature does not decided to grace us with significant rainfall anytime soon, we will probably be done with corn harvest in the next 7-10 days.  Where is the time going?  Harvest season is just flying by this year. 

Although time if flying by and I can't believe it, it is already October 1st and October is a big month for us.   For starters, October is National Pork Month.  As pig farmers, we are excited to celebrate pork for an entire month. We already eat a lot of pork around this pig pen so we will definitely be partaking in our share of pork burgers, ribs, and bacon to name a few pork items this month to celebrate and I hope to share some of those recipes in future posts.  What will you and your family be doing to celebrate National Pork Month?
Bubby and Big Sissy at our local food pantry when we donated 100 pounds of pork  for Christmas 2009.
October is also a big month as Big Sissy will turn 8 later in the month and that is one thing that really makes me wonder where the time has gone. How in the world do I have an 8 year old?  Well, somehow we do and that's just the way it works ... I guess. 

Big Sissy getting a manicure for her 7th Birthday.  This was her request for her present. 

I hope you all enjoyed the first installment of The Real Farmwives of America last week.  I'm really excited and grateful for all of the positive feedback I have received about it.  As part of another new edition to Farmer Fridays, next Friday, I will have a guest blogger, Amy and Liz from 2 Maids A Milking so be sure to check it out next Friday. 

Have a great weekend!!



  1. I can't believe you're almost done! We are about 3 weeks behind. Matts hoping to start the rice this weekend. Almonds are somewhere past halfway. This is our year to have harvest & Christmas cross paths. I can't believe she's going to be 8!

  2. Time if definitely flying! I'm going to have to up my pork consumption this month for sure! :)

  3. Dad finished soybean harvest on Sept. 30 before I got to ride along! Now that we've gotten some rain, that will give them all a needed break I think!

  4. Well definitely be eating our fair share of pork this October. Please include some pork recipes especially ones for the Crock Pot if you have them.

  5. Have pork on the menu for tomorrow night!
    Just for comparison, our corn didn't get picked until Dec. 4 last year!
    Does an early finish mean you can squeeze in a fall vacation?

  6. I have never had pork burgers. I have never even seen them. This sounds wonderful. We had pork roast tonight

  7. Just out blog hopping and I found my way here. I am a real farmwife and also a farmers daughter..raised on the farm. We are now raising our children on the farm. I enjoyed my stay here...hope you can stop over and visit me at my farm! :)


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