Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reading... a guilty pleasure at this pig pen

I love to read; however, as a working mom of 3, I feel like it is a guilty pleasure as there is always something else I should be doing like cleaning the house, doing laundry, or catching up on my call notes in our computer system for work.  YUCK!  Who wants to do those things when you could be reading? 

Needless to say, I go in spurts of reading.  I guess you could say I am a binge reader.  For example, this past week I read 2 amazing books and am currently waiting on the the third and final book in the series to arrive in the mail, but I have a feeling after I read that book, it might be a month or two before I have time or make time to read again. 

I even have further proof to this theory.  9 weeks ago, I checked out The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson from our public library.  The series was highly recommended to me by my friend Martini and another colleague.  Any way, I checked them both out and started reading the first one immediately, but only got one chapter into it before my reading plans got sidelined as I didn't touch the book again until last week when it was almost due back to the library.  (I had to renew them the maximum 2 additional times to have them for the maximum 9 weeks.)  So I read the first 150 pages, before the book was due back.  I contemplated keeping it longer and just paying the fine, but decided to do the right thing and return both books on time with the hope that I could re-check them back out; however, when I went back to the library both books were checked out and had an estimated 30 day wait. 

Yikes, I couldn't wait that long, I was now a quarter of the way done.  So I decided that I would buy the first book, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, in the small paperback version for $7.99 at Borders as I happened to be near one.  This was Tuesday and by Friday, I had finished the book so it was time to start the second one which I still couldn't get from the library.

So on one of my two trips to Walmart over the weekend, I was able to pick up The Girl Who Played with Fire for $5.97.  I apparently was now hooked on the series because I finished this book on Memorial Day morning.  (I apologize for not linking to Walmart here, but they don't have the version of the book I bought online and they did not provide a review of the book so I linked to Barnes & Noble instead.)

And now I had a decision to make as the third and final book in the series, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest,  was just released in hardback.  (This will be the final book at the author passed away shortly after writing the three books.) 

I really didn't want to spend the money on a hardback book, but our public library hasn't even received a copy of the book yet and I feel like I need to read it now while I am on a reading binge or it may be months.  So what's a girl to do? 

I priced the book on several websites with Amazon being the cheapest; however, I had a Barnes & Noble gift card (I actually think it might have been a birthday present to my husband from my Aunt, but oh well.  He'll forgive me, right?) so Monday night I ordered the book and even got an extra one for my next reading binge, Olive Kitteridge, and free shipping to boot.

I can't wait for these books to arrive.  I'm so excited.

And although, I find reading to be a guilty pleasure, I have decided it isn't all bad as I caught my girls both reading this weekend which really is a great thing.  So maybe I'm a good influence after all.


  1. I feel the same there's always something else I should be doing, too. But I love, love, love to read!!! I'll have to out those books on my list....or maybe we should all organize a book swap @ the next workshop?!?

  2. Reading is a great binge to have. I am going to have to get back into it!

    I have found that Barnes and Noble has been having good online deals lately.

    Love, love, love the pics of your girls by the way!

  3. My sister is reading the second one while we are vacationing right now. She really has enjoyed both of them and they are at the top of my list once I'm done with the books from my recent shopping binge! Started "The Help" down here and am enjoying it. Thanks for the "thumbs up" on it.

  4. My Wife is a binge reader also. When the rest of the family sees her with a book.... we know we've lost Mom/Wife until it's done! LOL...

  5. Love the photo of Baby Sissy reading in her chair - so sweet!

  6. Jane, I'm game for a book swap; however, I just gave these books to my mother-in-law but hopefully she will be done soon. Megan, I am so glad you loved The Help and for those of you that were curious, the third book to this series is just as good. I haven't had much time to read because of work, you know that thing that pays the bills, but I'm excited to read this weekend.


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