Friday, January 18, 2013

Making memories on the farm


I still remember when my very first litter of 4-H rabbits were born my first year of 4-H more years ago than I'd like to admit.  It is a memory that will stick with me forever.  It didn't go exactly according to plan, but now that I've been through the process of labor and delivery three times I know it often doesn't go according to plan.   That being said, being able to be around and care for newborn animals is an amazing experience and one that I'm glad The Farmer and I can share with our children.  

This past weekend The Farmer, Little Sissy, and myself were out of town for a meeting which meant Big Sissy and Bubby were in charge of our newly born litters of 4-H pigs and one due while we were gone with the help of my father-in-law. Big Sissy and Bubby were so excited.  

Big Sissy took notes on her new iPod Touch from Santa so she knew how to feed the sows and their litters.  

She then not only kept us updated on every happening in the barn including a new litter complete with 12 new pigs, but she kept her best friend, who lives in a subdivision, up to date as well complete with the pictures in this post.

I love that our kids love the farm and their pigs so much and cherish all the memories they are making.  



  1. Great story. Now we need to get the dear lady who is asking our president to ban our kids from working on the farm. Her article in running on I'll try to send it your way.

  2. So fun! Your family's adventures are so fun to read!

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