Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The day Big Sissy and The Farmer were the same age ... It's a leap year birthday

It's a big day at the pigpen.  It is an occurrence that only happens once every four years.  As you know today is February 29th, but what you might not know is it is also The Farmer's birthday... that's right The Farmer is a Leap Year baby so it isn't every year that we get to celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday.

So today is special for all of us since it is The Farmer's real birthday, but it is even more special for Big Sissy as her and The Farmer are finally the same age.  Since she turned 9 in October, she's been waiting for today so she and her daddy could be the same age.

To celebrate his big birthday, she made him this sign:

So Happy 9th Birthday to The Farmer!!  We love you at this pigpen!


  1. How neat!! I'm sure he likes being able to say he is 9 again! Happy birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Farmer!!! Big Sissy sure is turning into a beautiful young lady!

  3. Happy Birthday to the Farmer! Your daughter is beautiful. It is a beautiful day, enjoy! Can he remember such a nice day on any of his other birthdays?

  4. How fun! Hope you all enjoy the big birthday celebration on this very special day!


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