Monday, January 9, 2012

Bubby and his work jeans

Bubby loves him some work jeans AKA jeans he can wear on the farm and get dirty with no repercussions.  In fact every new pair of jeans he gets, he asks if they can be work jeans.  And much to his dismay the answer is no quite frequently.  Now don't get me wrong, he has about 5 pairs of work jeans, but to him you can never have too many work jeans so I knew when I had the opportunity to review a pair of Wrangler jeans I knew that Bubby would be the ideal reviewer. 

Bubby couldn't wait to try out his new work jeans.  In fact he put them to work right away in the house and found out they were perfect were helping him slide down the hallway

and decorating his John Deere Christmas tree in his room. 

But truthfully, he couldn't wait to wear them on the farm and show them off to the pigs. 

His new Wrangler jeans were perfect for meeting our first litter ever of 4-H pigs.

Bubby really loves his new jeans and I love that they have an adjustable waist which is such an amazing feature in children's clothing. 

In fact, Bubby's only concern was that his new wallet wouldn't quite fit in the back pocket,

but in the scheme of things he was just ecstatic to have a brand new pair of work jeans... especially Wranglers. 

Thanks Wrangler!!

Now to win a pair of Wrangler Kids' Jeans, please visit The Real Farmwives of Ameirca's page and sign up. 

While Wrangler did give me a pair of jeans to review, all thoughts, pictures, and opinions shared on this blog are my own. 


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