Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Tradition #5 from the pigpen

I can't believe we are less than a week away from Christmas.  I have so much to do this week between work and kids' school stuff (they don't get out until Friday at 1pm) that I can't hardly even think about it or I'm easily distracted as I love this time of year.

Any way, I don't know if my mom started this tradition or if it was started before her, but she always made sure we had a brand new outfit to wear for Christmas.  We would always wear this outfit for our annual Christmas picture (I'm the oldest of 4), to church for Christmas Eve, and anywhere else she wanted like the Christmas circuit.  I have fond memories of my Christmas dresses over the years even if there was a point that I was tired of color coordinating with my siblings.  (As a parent, I 100% understand why she did this.)

Since I had fond memories of this tradition, it is one that I have continued with my own children.  Each year since Big Sissy was born, I have made sure that the kids had a new Christmas outfit to wear for church on Christmas Eve and for our annual Christmas picture.

Last night one of our great friends who is also an amazing photographer took the kids Christmas pictures and although I haven't seen all of the proofs, I'm more than pleased with the few I have seen as she shared a few on Facebook so be sure to head over to my fan page to check it out.

Did you get a new outfit for Christmas as a kid?  Do you still today?

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