Monday, July 25, 2011

A beautiful planter to help with my not-so green thumb

As much as I hate to admit it, I have never really had a green thumb.  In fact in college during my horticulture class, one of our assignments was to take care of a plant the entire semester.  Let me just say that it was a good thing that I had enough other points to get an A in the class because my golden pothos, Goldie, didn't quite make it the whole semester.  I either over water or underwater.  Now that being said, I love to have potted flowers as decor for the outside of my house during the spring and summer month so I was very happy when I had the opportunity to receive an amazing new planter from Avant Garden Decor.  I knew it would be the perfect way to accessorize our new deck.  

It was a tough decision to decide on which planter as Avant Garden Decor as an amazing selection, but I eventually landed on the CobraCo 26" Square Coco-Lined Floor Planter

I thought it would look amazing underneath the window on our deck and I think I was right if I do say so myself. (And as an added perk, it took The Farmer less than 5 minutes to put together.)

The really tough part was deciding what to plant in my planter.  I'm usually a wave petunia kind of girl, but when I saw these zinnias I knew that they would be perfect.  Now we just have to keep it alive during this record setting temperature summer.  We've done OK so far, but I'm a little nervous about  the zinnias surviving our upcoming vacation so I added this water bulb to see if it will do the trick.  

I must admit I'm not holding my breath and worse case scenario, if the zinnias don't make it, I will still have an amazing planter to use again next year and beyond.  

I must be honest though as much as I like my new planter, to Little Sissy, the best part was the big box that my planter arrived in... it made a perfect hiding place for her.  

Now thanks to Avant Garden Decor, you have the opportunity to win a hanging basket of your own.  If you would like to win a Hanging Basket of your own head over to the Real Farmwives of America & Friends Blog ( and sign up for their giveaway!"  

Avant Garden Decor did provide me with this product to review; however, the thoughts, opinions and photos shared about this product on this blog are my own.  Thanks Avant Garden Decor!



  1. Great looking planter. Would luv to win one!

  2. Nice looking planter and big. You might change out to a pretty mum in the fall so you can continue using it

  3. I follow the Real Farmwives of America and the 3 Kids and lots of pigs through e-mail and Google Friend Connect. "I want to win a hanging basket from @avantgardendeco on @realfarmwives blog." I would probably plant some variegated ivy and Martha Washington geraniums if I won a planter, because my granddaughter's favorite color is pink, and they are so pretty.

    Nancy B.


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