Friday, September 17, 2010

Farmer Fridays - A busy, busy day at this farm

It's been another crazy week around our family farm and today in particular was one busy, busy day.  

In addition to all of the normal chores around the farm, today we were cutting soybeans, applying organic fertilizer to the soybean fields as the soybeans were harvested for next year's corn crop, and we even had our monthly veterinarian herd check for all of our pigs today.  That was just before 5pm and in addition to my full-time off-farm job and Bubby's soccer game tonight. 


My father-in-law has been gone all week so Bubby couldn't wait to ride in the combine with him this afternoon after spending the morning at Pre-K.




Although we feed all of the corn we grow to our pigs, we sell all of our soybeans to a local soybean processing plant.  Then we buy soybean meal, which is essentially ground up soybeans, from this plant to mix with our corn and other essential nutrients to make our pigs' feed.  

Soybeans ready to be harvested or cut

Soybeans in their pods

We use no-till conservation tillalge to plant our soybeans which is just one of the ways we are "green" on our family farm.  Check out my friend, Ott,A's blog to learn more about no-till soybeans.  She does a great job explaining it. 

Actual soybeans
Another way that we are "green" on our family farm is by recycling our pigs' manure.  

A field that has had manure applied after the soybeans were harvested
Our pigs our raised in climate controlled buildings that have deep concrete pits underneath them that store the manure.  We then are able to take it out of the pits throughout the year and knife it into our field to use as an organic fertilizer which dramatically reduces if not eliminates our need to use man-made fertilizers.  

The manure spreader

Knifing the manure in the ground
So today just as fast as my father-in-law was cutting soybeans, we were applying organic fertilizer into the ground so that we can plant corn in this field next year.  Corn that will ultimately be fed to our pigs and allow us to produce more organic fertilizer.

The pig truly is the ultimate recycler and an amazing example of the circle of life.

If this wasn't enough excitement for one day, our veterinarian also came today for his monthly herd visit.  Once a month he comes to check on all of our pigs for preventative care.  I often joke that we take better care of our pigs than we do ourselves, but we truly do.  I know that no one in our family goes to the doctor once a month for preventative care.  The care of our pigs truly is our top priority on our family farm.

And although my father-in-law and The Farmer are busy in the fields, Bubby is busy with his own fields as I am no longer allowed to walk on the carpet in my bedroom because it is a one of his fields.


There truly is nothing better than growing up on a farm.

Thanks for tuning in to this week's Farmer Fridays.  I hope you will continue to join you as we have some exciting happenings with Farmer Fridays in the coming weeks.  


The Real Farmwives of America are headed your way.  Starting next week, I will be hosting a special quarterly feature the last Friday of each quarter within Farmer Fridays called The Real Farmwives of America so watch out Bravo and Dr. Phil, here we come. 

Additionally on the second Friday of every month starting October 8th, I will feature a guest blogger that will tell you about their family farm. 

So stay tuned for lots of excitement with Farmer Fridays.  



  1. I couldn't agree more about growing up on a farm. I have been touched seeing all you gals talk about all the daddy and papaw time going on in the fields this week. It is truly special.

    Can. Not. Wait. For the Real Farmwives of America! I am so excited about this series!!!

  2. I love this post! So much going on -- especially love the photos of Bubby running to the combine! And while I know the stages on soybeans, great explanation on what you do and how!

  3. Look at your cute pigs, and kids too! :) Visiting from Friendly Friday Follow.

  4. I love, love, LOVE those ideas mentioned at the end of your blog! The picture of your sons "field" made me laugh...our son does the same thing...and the only one who can truly mess with his lineup of JD toys is his daddy! Little country boys are too cute!

  5. I'm excited for Real Farmwives, too!!!!

    Adam plays tractors CONSTANTLY and hitches them up, but he doesn't know enough to set up such a sophisticated "scene!"

  6. Are you sure those soybeans were ready to be harvested? ;)

  7. Thanks for the shout out! I mentioned your blog on my Friday post as well, and I cannot wait for the start of Real Life American Farmwives.

  8. That is too cute. Kiddos take over every square inch of your house don't they? HA!

  9. Lovin' the pics of the spreader. Have you watched the water & poo video on youtube? I warn you: you won't be able to get the words out fo your head. But it WILL make you laugh! :)

  10. Absolutely LOVE the Real Farmwives idea! As a former farmgirl now living/working in the big city, I really enjoy reading your posts!


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