Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nourishing Generations of Hoosiers

Big Sissy's take on Ag Day...

Big Sissy entered an essay contest earlier this year with the theme of Our Food, Our Farmers:  Nourishing Generations of Hoosiers (and a 200 word maximum).  Although she didn't win, we were quite proud of her entry and I thought it would be perfect to share as we celebrate Ag Day 2013.  We are proud to be farmers and to raise food for our own family as well as all of yours and it looks like Big Sissy shares in that love.  

Our food and our farmers… As a fifth generation farmer, I am proud to be able to come from a family that has been able to nourish Hoosiers for generations.

Farmers have been nourishing Hoosiers for years. If it weren’t for all the farmers, we would have a very limited amount of food in our world today. Since before Indiana became a state, Hoosier farmers have provided food for people everywhere.

Animals are a big part of our state. Our state, Indiana, is ranked 5th in pig production. We wouldn’t have near that many pigs today if farmers weren’t growing all the crops for their feed or taking care of the pigs to the best of their ability.

Farmers also play a big role in our environment, and they take care of it well. Farmers everywhere do a lot for our earth and soil. On our family farm, we have cover crops planted in one of our fields. The reasoning behind this is that the plants will put nutrients back into the soil.

These are just a few examples of how farmers have been nourishing Hoosiers for generations.

And with these future faces of agriculture, we hope our family will be able to continue to do it for many more generations to come...


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