Friday, August 6, 2010

Farmer Fridays - The end is approaching, but hopefully not too soon


I truly don't know where the summer has gone.  It seems like just yesterday it was April and we were planting the corn field around our house.  Now, Big Sissy will start 2nd grade in a little over a week and the corn around our house is maturing faster than it should be due to the extremely hot weather we have been experiencing in addition to the lack of rain



The Farmer predicts that our corn is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule which could mean an earlier than normal harvest which would not be a good thing.  An earlier than normal harvest would mean that our corn has matured too early and the kernels did not get as big in size as they normally would. 

 (The corn plant should not be starting to turn in color this early.)

Mother Nature has not been the best to us this year, but it isn't too late yet.  Rain in the coming days would be greatly appreciated and would help the kernels gain weight; however, this is a critical time period.  If we do not receive adequate rain in the next 2 weeks, it will be too late. 

(The husk should not be brown this early.  It should still be green and covering the entire ear.)

Rain after the next 2 weeks will more than likely not help the kernels gain weight and will essentially be a hinderance on the corn being able to be harvested from the field as we need it to be dry to run the combines in the field and the corn needs to be dry in order for us to store it on the farm.   

So we are back to crossing our fingers and saying lots of prayers for Mother Nature to cooperate.  I'll keep you posted in future Farmer Fridays on if she does or not. 

On a more positive, but different note, the great Indiana State Fair started today and my give-a-way for tickets runs until Monday night so be sure to sign up if you live in the vacinity of the Indiana State Fair. 



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